The most common problems that people face with their washers are that the washer is not draining, the washer is not spinning during the spin cycles, or the washer is not getting power at all.

When it comes appliances, few are more important than the washer and dryer combo. These are high use machines that see a lot of attention, particularly from individuals with families and small children. With that said, even a washer and dry owned by a single person will see a lot of work in its time. One of the most popular new kinds of laundry appliances around are top load washer and dryers. These appliances really take the convenience to an all new height, and some people are even prone to do more laundry, more often thanks to the ease of use. This makes it especially important that they be built reliably in order to ensure that you do not end up with a malfunctioning machine.

Unfortunately, most people will find themselves in need of repair service at some point in their lives. That is because regardless of how well made an appliance is, there is always the chance that it will malfunction eventually. In fact, this is especially true for appliances that are so well made that they last for years and years. Eventually something might wear out or become displaced, causing the machine to malfunction or refuse to function at all. When that happens, you need a repair service that understands the ins and outs of your machine.

At IM Appliance Repair, we are familiar with top load washer and dryers, and understand how these machines work. Because are accustomed to their components, we will be better able to determine and eliminate the issue causing the malfunction than someone who is new to the design.

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