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Gas & Electric Appliance Repairs Toronto & Ontario

if you need appliance repair in GTA? you have found the right place. IM Appliance repair is focused on customer service and high quality repairs . If you have any major appliances that need repair, kitchen or household, we will repair them. All of our repair technicians are trained , and we use the latest technologies and tools to make sure that we will get the job done to your complete satisfaction. We understand that you need your broken appliances repaired as quickly as possible. We will do everything we can to make sure that your repair goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Our goal is to arrive on time for the appointment, and then quickly diagnose and repair whatever is wrong, and leave our customers smiling! IM Appliance provides repair, service and maintenance for all grant of major appliances. We are experts in the repair of every type of appliance, including Refrigerators, washing machine, dishwasher, Dryer, freezer, and others.

We had used them twice to fix our tenant’s refrigerator and a few months later they came to fix the oven’s igniter. They are very professional and courteous.

Linda N., Toronto, ON

Awesome service! IM Appliance was very courteous and honest. Got an appt. the same evening I called and had the fridge running in no time. Will definitely recommend this service.

Daniel Z., Richmond Hill, ON

I messaged them through the form and they responded right away; within just a couple of hours, they were at my apartment repairing my refrigerator. They were up front with the cost, quick with the service, and very nice!

Elena G., Mississauga, ON

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As you can see, appliance repair services can do quite a bit to help fix the majority of your appliances. They can also save you the expense of buying a new machine in the process! The only thing to be aware of is that you should select a reputable repair shop that has experience with the specific kind of appliance that you need repaired. IM Appliance Repair has been around for years, and our expert repair technicians have experience with every appliance listed above. We have the knowledge needed to quickly and thoroughly fix your appliances, and we do it all at a great price. We believe that you deserve excellent service without breaking your bank in the process, and we are proud to offer this as well as fantastic customer service. Are you in need of some help with your appliance repair? Give IM Appliance Repair a call at (416) 409-6919 today and speak with one of our qualified customer service representatives. We would love to help you get your home back into working order.


We use our expert repair skills to fix a variety of cooktop issues including broken glass or burners, improper heating, and power failures. Our detailed knowledge includes all major brands.



We realize how important freezers are to food safety and can repair any problem you may come across. This can include broken seals, inconsistent temperatures, and various other errors.



When the dishwasher breaks down, we are skilled in fixing any possible issue in a quick and professional manner. Our expertise can solve problems like leaking, improper draining, and substandard cleaning.



We work hard to quickly and effectively fix any problem your dryer may be having. These problems could include anything from disturbing and unusual noises to improper heating or drying.


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We are committed to fixing any oven issue, whether it be inconsistent heating or a burnt-out bulb. We offer quick and friendly repair services for all major and common oven brands.



We can be there to fix refrigerator issues with improper cooling, particle build-up on the lining, and any other problem you may have. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to fridge repair, and we provide timely service.



We provide a variety of repair services for both gas and electric stoves. Our expertise in stovetop technology can fix any error including power failures and inconsistent heating in an efficient and friendly manner.



We are dedicated to fixing any washer fault including leaks, improper draining, and malfunctioning spin cycles. Our years of hands-on experience provides us with the know-how to get the job done.


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When your appliances are running well, then everything is great. You do not encounter any surprised nor do you experience stress about whether or not you will be able to cook dinner or ensure you have clean clothes tomorrow. That is because your appliances take care of all of that for you. A home full of functional appliances is like a well oiled machine – it just works, and it does so smoothly and with little effort on your part. On the other hand, a home with malfunctioning appliances can quickly become a zone full of frustration and concern. It should not be overlooked that appliances are pretty expensive, and you make the purchase with the promise that the machine will function reliably long enough to make the money you have spent worth it. When that proves to not be the case, it is only natural to become agitated and worried about your finances. Before you become too concerned, however, you should know that there are options.


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